Suhas Patel

In the final year of my study for my bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Commerce-1992), I decided Beauty Therapy was the only career for me, so I headed to a local institute of beauty therapy in the city of Vadodara, India. After a year of an intense training and internship, I started working at various beauty salons around the city and developed some hands-on experience for next 3 years. A few years later, I eventually opened my very first beauty salon at Majalpur, Vadodara which was called "Unique Beauty Parlour". After Seven years of running this successful business, I migrated to New Zealand in 2002. Struggled for a few years then started working from home with the same name "Unique Beauty Parlour" at New Windsor. As the business grew, challenges also got bigger and tougher. What now? I asked myself and realised that to combat these challenges fearlessly and in order to provide my clients’ with something better and bigger a new premise would be the perfect thing to! So, this is how "Unique Beauty & Hair” came to life on the 1st November 2015.

Over the years, after getting training from around the globe and working with some great skincare ranges, I have now gained excellent product knowledge about many skin and beauty brands. I have also developed a strong passion for Bridal Makeup, Henna, Hair styling, Pedicure, Manicure, Hair Removal etc.

"My clients’ are my god’s messengers to me and thus none of them shall leave the house unhappy or unsatisfied. I love and respect each of them and am very grateful for making me the person I am today. Much love" – Suhas Patel