Lotus Cleansing Facial

Hydravitals™ (Normal to dry skin). Basic CETOM (Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning & Moisturising) for Normal to Dry Skin type. Hydravitals™ products contain effective ingredients for which nourish the skin and help preserve the natural moisture level. A stimulating massage rejuvenates the skin.

Puravitals™ (Normal to oily skin). It is the essential CETOM (Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning & Moisturising) for normal to oily skins. It removes oil deposits, refines the open pores and prepares the skin for the actives.

Rejuvina™ (De-stressing and rejuvenating facial for normal skin). Rejuvina Facial is meant for de-stressing & rejuvenating Dull & sluggish skin. The active ingredient AHA present in this facial gently breaks down dead cells and helps rejuvenate new cells to promote healthy skin and giving over stressed skin a radiant & healthy glow. It also nourishes, hydrates, smoothens & firms the skin. Recommended: Twice a month.

Hydranourish+™ (Moisture surge and nourishing facial for dry skin). It nourishes the skin to make it soft and supple. The natural active ingredients present in concentrate , complex, and masque provide optimum protection against free radicals and environmental damage. Recommended: Twice a month.

Glowdermine™ (All skin types). This facial impacts glow, shine & brilliance to the complexion. It also brings about a lightening & even skin tone. It detoxifies the skin tissues & balance skin function. Recommended: Occasional.

Dipigmentone™ (Removing pigmentation and other spots). Based on liquorices herb & aromatic compounds, Dipigmentone™ helps fade out freckles, lightens & even skin tone & helps to reduce hyper pigmentation. Also improves skin texture by nourishing & moisturizing. Recommended: Once a week.

Acnex™ (Pimple & acne treatment for pimple/acne prone skin). This facial is a compendium of plant extracts that are used in controlling infections of the skin. Their action is to primarily root out infection that produces micro-organisms and render the area aseptic. Keeps the skin clean for longer duration. Recommended for shinny, oily & acne prone skin. Recommended: Once a week.

Instafair (Melanin control & skin lightening treatment). High concentrated herbal actives in this treatment have synergic effect to retain the complexion & make the skin fairer & brighter. Recommended: Once a week.

Goldsheen™ (Instant gold like lustre for all skin type). An exclusive facial incorporating actives for instant gold like lustre. Gold bhasm has a rejuvenating & stimulating effect on the skin due to its metallic action. Goldsheen™ treatment also exfoliates the skin of spots, blemishes & dead cells and at the same time smoothing out the wrinkles. It imparts a resilient tonicity to the skin. Recommended: Occasional.

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